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Come play...

12/20/09 11:01 pm - Yule 2009

I know it's a few hours early, but............. Merry Yule Everyone!

12/18/09 11:06 am - Morning's early dawn

Maybe it's me, maybe it's real, either way is fine with me but despite the fact that i seem to have a cloud over my eyes without my closest friends right around the corner it seems that I'm able to wake up slightly earlier here in Ardmore.  Not only that, but generally more refreshed.  Domino is more at peace here, having not climbed into our bed in the middle of the night more than twice since we've been here (as opposed to -every- night).  I'm able to sit in the dining room with my coffee and have sunshine all around me...there's windows everywhere and I love it.  When it warms slightly soon I will be able to take my coffee in the aptly dubbed sun room...the entire back WALL is floor to ceiling WINDOWS!  I love it.  There's a few trees waiting for scampering furry creatures and flying feathered friends and my daughter running around like a crazy girl.  Right now it's her most favorite place to be because she knows she can look outside whenever she wants...she gets that from me.  So so far so good here, up in pretty much nowhere...a nice house, cheap rent, and a good job is all I really want right now...sure I know I need other things, but i'm not in want of them right now so we're good.

7/7/09 03:42 pm

If there is one person (or more) on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist, and who you would not have met without the Internet, post this sentence in your journal.

12/21/08 05:39 pm - To All of You...One and All

Blessed Be,

12/8/08 03:16 pm - Hell Fucking Yeah

So...that test I was all fucked up and worried about?  Passed it....hell yeah...clinical spot is mine bitches outta the way....cause this bitch graduates May 2009...fucking finally

10/20/08 08:16 am - General Update

Here's an update for everyone since I actually have more than five seconds right now lol...well mom's surgery went fine it wound up being on the third of october instead of the first because when they tried on the first her throat swelled when they tried to intubate...everything was fine steroids pumped to bring down the swelling and got the tube in on that friday...she wound up with a triple bypass...veins out of both legs plus the left mammary artery...she actually had 5 major blockages...but in only three arteries...life has been hard since...having to do the laundry and cooking and cleaning for a 5-6 person household is not the easiest thing in the world when I have tests every week in all four of my classes...i'm passing but not good enough for my own standards.  And that's not mentioning having to help mom with everything that she personally needs done from wound cleaning to blood sugar testing to pill organization...speaking of blood sugar yeah the steroids that she needed pumped into her deactivated her insulin and she developed drug induced diabetes melitus...wonderful...well at least that is becoming stabilized and she doesn't need her insulin anymore thank goddess...i think the only thing keeping me going right now really is daily chakra cleansing complete with meditation, daily devotions and affirmations.  On the greater side I am also now officially ordained...yep just call me Rev. C. L. Branum...made a deal with them basically...they wanted me to go to "school" and do more studying...well talked to them and asked if I could test out of everything they wanted me to study...they agreed and after um...13-14 years of study I damn better well pass those tests and I did...with flying colors and made grades that meet even my high standards.  Getting a good chance to educate the general public as well since I have even further come out of the proverbial broom closet as far as school goes and all...scared a southern baptist at first but going over history with her these past couple of weeks she has been seeing how a lot of the basis for the christian holidays, rituals, and what not came down from paganism in King James' era she's not so scared anymore especially since she now understands that you can't worship a being you don't believe oh say like the devil *grins* well class starts once again in a glorious three minutes...oh yea

8/25/08 08:04 am - First Day of the Semester

Okay so here I am thinking I need to get my ass in gear and make a shit load of membership forms...did that...now I have to figure out whether or not I am actually going to step down or not...still haven't made that final decision...I'll get together with my officers later on today when everyone gets here and speak with them and let them make the decision...I know it will suck if I step down...but at least I can still show it on my resume and all that good shit...but I've only got one semester to go...we will have close to 50 members this year...our largest total -EVER-...and regardless of whether or not I am still pres at the end of the semester I can still say that I was a part of that and for that I am proud...but with the stress I am already under I still don't know if I can handle it all...with mom, my idk what to call it relationship with Craig, and the fact that this is by far the hardest semester I have had yet with a class that I -have- to pass in order to move on and that noone has ever aced so guess my goal *grins* I can't help it...it hasn't been done...not a single person has even had a 4.0 at this point in the program...I'm aiming to keep it as long as possible...alright enough rambling since I know noone reads this shit anyways...I just needed to get it all out...and now for a smoke break..

8/13/08 07:41 pm - Got's to do the Birthday meme

August 13 is the 225th day of the year (226th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 140 days remaining until the end of the year.


1918 - Women enlist in the United States Marine Corps for the first time. Opha Mae Johnson is the first woman to enlist.
1961 - The German Democratic Republic closes the border between the eastern and western sectors of Berlin, to thwart its inhabitants' attempts to escape to the West.
2004 - Hurricane Charley, a Category 4 storm, strikes Punta Gorda, Florida and devastates the surrounding area. 
2004 - Black Friday crackdown by NSS on a peaceful protest in the capital city of Maldives, Malé.


1752 - Marie Caroline of Austria, queen of the Two Sicilies (d. 1814)
1803 - Vladimir Odoevsky, Russian philosopher and writer (d. 1869)
1860 - Annie Oakley, American sharpshooter (d. 1926)


2004 - Julia Child, American chef and television personality (b. 1912)
2007 - Brooke Astor, American philanthropist (b. 1902)


Roman festivals - Vertumnalia in honor of Vertumnus and Diana, on the Aventine hill.

7/9/08 08:00 am


yeah i know it's early, but i'm not gonna be around the 'puter tomorrow....*hugs* miss you guys down there

7/5/08 09:49 pm - Oh my Goddess

I am fairy speachless about this...just absolutely shocked...one of a supposed "American Icon" and blah blah blah...This country is a boiling pot of religions...but God and Goddess help you if you just happen to be of a polytheistic religion...and yet we are supposed to turn our backs on all the clothing she sells that is made in sweat shops...this is not the fault of NBC...the show is live...it is the personal responsibility of Kathy Lee Gifford herself to make a public apology...you know that if was anything else she either would give one or would have said it to begin with...and mind you pay attention because she does not follow what she is supposed to say...Please, even if you are not pagan, email today@nbc.com
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